Comparison of Space Segment Costs Across the LNCSS Case Studies

The heuristic relationships used to calculate the total development and production costs in Brown (2002), Pereira and Selva (2020), and Wertz et al. (2011) are relevant for 2010 costs; thus, an inflation factor from 2010 to 2025 of 1.35 is considered (Wertz et al., 2011).

LNCSS Case Study (# comm. sats, # total sats)Total Dev. Cost [FY2025$M]Total Prod. Cost [FY2025$M]Total Space Segment Cost of LNCSS [FY2025$M]Average LNCSS Satellite Cost [FY2025$M]
Comm. PayloadNav.-Only SatelliteComm. PayloadNav.-Only Satellite
A (2, 8)39.5219.9211.1564.03134.6216.83
B(3, 12)39.5219.9215.2187.33161.9813.50
C (4, 16)39.5219.9218.96108.85187.2511.70