Navigation Service Performance Comparison for an Elevation Mask of 5°, with Lunar UERE σUERE,LNCSS = 3.86 m The columns of mean performance denote the mean RMS error (RMSE) across the array of grid points, whereas the columns of max performance denote the RMSE of the worst-case grid point for each case study. See Section 3.2.3) for details on how the performance metrics and design criteria are computed.

LNCSS Case Study (# sats)Performance metrics: At worst user grid pointDesign criteria: Avg across user grid points
Availability (%)Failure Tolerance (%)Coverage (%)GDOPHorizontal Position RMSE (m)Vertical Position RMSE (m)Receiver Timing RMSE (μs)
A (8)10097.91008.955.6261.6215.00277.220.030.62
B (12)1001001005.513.845.6710.1518.160.020.04
C (16)1001001004.383.154.727.6315.320.010.03