Navigation Results (24 Monte-Carlo Runs) for Different Measurement

Combinations Compared with the pseudorange + pseudorange rate solution, the addition of the TDCP measurement reduces both the PCBE and VCDE.

Measurement CombinationPosition and Clock Bias Error [m]Velocity and Clock Drift Error [mm/s]
68%95%99.7%Below Req.68%95%99.7%Below Req.
Pseudorange only19.140.850.441.3%9.6718.237.51.4%
Pseudorange + Pseudorange rate13.120.225.469.6%3.675.778.767.0%
Pseudorange + Pseudorange rate + TDCP5.8110.0614.099.5%1.603.175.3750.0%