Navigation Performance for a Satellite in a QFLLO Equipped with a Mini-RAFS (24 Monte-Carlo Runs)

Each performance metric is calculated from the last two orbital periods of all of the Monte-Carlo runs for eight orbital periods each. “PR” and “PRR” in the measurement column denote pseudorange and pseudorange rate measurements, respectively.

OrbitMeasurement CombinationPosition and Clock Bias Error [m]Velocity and Clock Drift Error [mm/s]
68%95%99.7%Below Req.68%95%99.7%Below Req.
QFLLOPR + PRR37.495.6121.26.7%34.663.9115.20.0%
QFLLOPR + PRR + TDCP20.438.648.512.8%16.524.727.70.3%