POD Processing Models and Parameters

Dynamic models and Stochastic accelerationsGravity field: Earth Gravitational Model (EGM 2008) (Pavlis et al., 2008)
Tidal corrections: FES2014b (Lyard et al., 2021)
Relativity: International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS 2010) (Petit & Luzum, 2010)
Planet ephemeris: Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL DE421) (Standish, 1998)
Velocity changes (pulses) and piecewise constant accelerations
Observation modelObservation model: Ionospheric-free linear combination of 1-Hz GPS code (C1, C2) and phase (L1, L2); Stochastic model: SNR-based weighting model (Allahvirdi-Zadeh, El-Mowafy, & Wang, 2022)
Eclipsed observations: Removed using the shadow model (Allahverdi-Zadeh et al., 2016)
Code and phase standard deviation: 0.1 m and 1 mm (Zenith, L1)
Satellite attitude information: Obtained as quaternions
Antenna phase center offset: [0.0021, 0.0011, −0.0223] m for L1 [0.0033, 0.0034, −0.0125] m for L2
Antenna phase center variation pattern: Residual approach (Allahvirdi-Zadeh, 2021)
Phase ambiguities: Fixed by applying observable-specific signal biases (Schaer et al., 2021)