Comparison of positioning performance using iterative solution with different initial estimate sources: Bancroft’s method and initial guesses in error from truth (simulates using prior positions): March 11 p.m. flight

All calculated positionsPositions with errors < = 10 kmPositions with errors > 10 km
Method for initial estimateMean err (m)Stan. Dev. err (m)Number of PtsMean err (m)Stan. Dev. err (m)Number of PtsMean err (m)Stan. Dev. err (m)Number of Pts
0.5°error (70 km) from true lat/lon3894,7718,58129.121.28,52653,00023,97555
0.05°error (7 km) from true lat/lon29.522.38,58629.522.38,586N/AN/A0