Initial parameter constraints and process noise. ng is the number of constellations, ns the total number of visible satellites, nf the number of frequencies per constellation, and nm the number of modulations per frequency

ParameterQuantityInitial constraint [m]Process noise [m/√s]
Coordinates3NoneStatic: 0.0
Kinematic: ∞
Receiver clocksngNone
Tropospheric zenith delay10.055.0e-5
Tropospheric gradients20.0031.7e-6
Slant ionospheric delaysnsNone0.1
Carrier-phase ambiguitiesnf · nsNone0.0
Receiver code biasesng · nf · nmNone
Receiver phase biasesnfNone*0.0
  • * Phase biases are fixed on the forward run, but constraints are removed on the backward run.