Overview of common variables used for Boerdijk–Coxeter Helix simulations

VariableDescriptionSpecified valueUnits
RcCommunications range; within our model, it is also the scaling factor of the distance between vertices.1 except for edge length scaling simulation
σDStandard deviation of Gaussian noise for range measurements D0.015D
σhStandard deviation of Gaussian noise for barometer measurement; For this simulation, the barometer reading is assumed to be Embedded ImageEmbedded Image
hBarometer reading assumed to be Embedded Image; this is used to determine which anchors within the helix to localize targetRandom, dependent on generated points
AnchorArray of vertices of the generated Boerdijk–Coxeter Helix based on Rc. An algorithm will determine which points within the helix is used to localize generated target pointsDependent on helix parameters and Rc
DRange measurements dependent on Gaussian noise introduced to true distances between target and anchorsRandomm
Iter_capNumber of configurations of anchors to generate for tested target100
n_pointNumber of targets to be generated1000