Summary of Important Approaches on Visual Navigation Integrity

ReferenceTackled ProblemSensor SetupIntegrity of VisionError QuantificationMonitored Vision Error Source
Mario and Rife (2010)lane localizationcameraconsideredw/ad-hoc parameterintensity domain detection error
Shytermeja et al. (2014)urban navigationcamera+GNSS+IMUnot consideredonly for GNSSvision not monitored
Fu et al. (2015)landing aircraft positioningcamera+GNSSpartially consideredaddressedhigh-level feature domain biases
Calhoun et al. (2015)relative positioningcameraconsideredaddressedposition domain nominal error
Zhu and Taylor (2017)correlation of errorcamera+IMUconsideredaddressedposition domain covariance error
Yang et al. (2018)error modelcamera+IMUconsideredw/ad-hoc parameterfeature association error
Al Hage et al. (2019)lane localizationcamera+GNSSpartially consideredonly for GNSShigh-level feature domain biases
Zhu et al. (2019a 2019b)error model & propagationcameraconsideredaddressedfeature domain noise
Zhu et al. (2020)landmark associationcameraconsideredaddressedfeature association error
Bhamidipati and Gao (2020)urban navigationcamera+GNSSconsideredaddressedintensity domain biases
Wang et al. (2020)urban navigationcameraconsideredaddressedfeature domain biases