Statistics of the Satellites

City of LondonCanary Wharf (central area)Canary Wharf (non-central area)
Average signals per epoch18.69.213.2
Average LOS signals per epoch5.115.111.7
Mean elevation of LOS signals (°)60.046.737.3
SD elevation of LOS signals (°)18.019.920.8
Mean elevation of NLOS signals (°)36.435.925.7
SD elevation of NLOS signals (°)19.918.016.4
Mean C/N0 of LOS signals (dB-Hz)43.335.334.1
SD C/N0 of LOS signals (dB-Hz)
Mean C/N0 of NLOS signals (dB-Hz)
SD C/N0 of NLOS signals (dB-Hz)
  • Note: SD stands for standard deviation.