Processing Strategies in Orbit Modeling


EGM2008 model

Truncation up to degree and order 12

IERS Conventions 2010

IERS Conventions 2010

Tidal potentials

Solid Earth tides

Pole tides

Ocean tides ignored

IERS Conventions 2010
Third-bodyMoon, Sun, and all other major planetsJPL DE405
Relativistic correctionSchwarzschild term considered onlyIERS Conventions 2010
Solar radiation pressure

The new SRP model in Section 2.3

Reduced ECOM model

Quasi-orbit-fixed frame

Satellite-fixed frame

Satellite attitudeNominal yaw-steering model
Satellite eclipseCylindrical model for Earth/Moon shadowR = 6371 km, Embedded Image
Numerical integratorRunge-Kutta fourth-order methodStep size 30 s