Influential Factors of SQM design

Algorithm phaseInfluential Factor
Raw-CDO measurement of a raw CDOIntegration periodTintDetermines the total amount of chips, hence, bins in measuring a raw CDO
Proportion of a code-phase bin to a chipBINDetermines the length of each bin, hence, the number of sample points probably incorporated by the measurement
Sampling frequencyFSDetermines the density of sample points on chip waveforms
Double-sided PCBwBWDetermines the shape of chip waveforms, hence, the values of sample points and the shape of the correlation function (signal amplitude estimate)
CDO normalizationSignal amplitude estimateIPDetermines normalized magnitudes of CDOs
Metric definitionRising edge rateRERDetermines the total amount of rising edges within a given integration period in measuring CDOs applied to form metrics
Metric-smoothingMetric-smoothing periodTsmtDecreases the magnitudes of standard deviations of poorly temporally-correlated nominal errors
Determination of nominal metrics and detection thresholdsNominal scale multiplierKDetermines the inflated scales of nominal noise on metrics
Minimum number of stations for reference-smoothingNrefDecreases the magnitudes of standard deviations of poorly- and/or non-spatially-correlated nominal errors
Carrier-to-noise ratioC/N0Determines the raw magnitudes of nominal noise on received signals