Comparison among the maximum error values of the state vector Embedded Image estimated via three approaches: the proposed SR-DKF algorithm, point-valued adaptive DKF, and point-valued conventional DKF

State estimation approachRx : 1Rx : 2Rx : 3Rx : 4Rx : 5Rx : 6Rx : 7
Clock (μs)Set-valued SR-DKF0.400.300.290.350.420.320.27
Point-valued adaptive DKF13.770.352.470.4069.240.350.38
Point-valued conventional DKF71.4142.88100.070.3450.550.340.33
Clock drift (ns/s)Set-valued SR-DKF2.132.231.601.672.221.771.75
Point-valued adaptive DKF31.422.7928.741.96109.492.172.14
Point-valued conventional DKF134.9982.07163.401.7451.701.781.99