Overview of the Mean Differences for the Solar Maximum (March 21, 2014) and the Geomagnetic Storm (March 17–18, 2015) for the Region from 13°E to 23°E Longitude and from 40°N to 47°N Latitude. Mean values from both periods (final column) were calculated based on the mean differences from March 21, 2014, and the mean differences averaged over March 17–18, 2015.

Differences between modelsAbsolute mean differences (TECU)
March 21, 2014March 17, 2015March 18, 2015Mean values
IONOWB_AI – OTHR0.941.361.031.07
IONOWB_AI – CODE1.481.401.051.35
OTHR – CODE1.510.550.491.02
IONOWB_AI – Klob.23.2425.1613.2421.22